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Marley For The Hero Title.

Born on 6th February 1945, Robert Nesta Marley, is a Jamaican Global icon and trailblazer of Reggae Music.  At the age of 8, Mr Marley was in Trench town where he met ,Vincent Fort as his mentor. Trench town is …


Dahomey, not current day Benin but Suriname of South America, is a town occupied by the Maroons. Maroons are enslaved Africans who ran away from the plantations they were assigned to work on. It was a matter of life and…

Africa To The World

Introducing Africa to the World As I briefly mentioned in my Welcome post, I am currently working on the Africa to the World Project. This is project broadcasting on all Wode Maya Social Media Channels. It brings to viewers in…

Welcome To Our Blog

Glad you came by. I wanted to welcome you and let you know I appreciate you coming here. Everyone is so busy these days, so I really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to check out…

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