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Tusai Weyana: A Beacon of Hope and Resilience

Tusai Weyana, a 24-year-old woman from Malawi, is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and selflessness. At an age when most people are still figuring out their own lives, Tusai has taken on the monumental task of caring for 100 abandoned children.

She is the founder of a charity organization called YANA, short for “You Are Not Alone,” that lends a helping hand to people facing life challenges12. The organization not only supports orphans and street kids but also extends its care and guidance to young mothers3.

Tusai’s journey started when she was just 23 years old, raising 34 children4. Her daily routine, which she occasionally shares on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, gives an insight into her exhausting yet fulfilling life56. Despite the challenges, Tusai remains committed to providing these children with a sense of family, love, and security.

Tusai’s story has resonated with people around the world, earning her a following of 2.8 million people on TikTok7 and over 32,000 likes on her Facebook page8.

Through YANA, Tusai has created a safe haven for children and young mothers, offering them support, education, and most importantly, the assurance that they are not alone9. Even as she navigates the complexities of running an NGO, Tusai continues to inspire millions with her dedication and selfless love.

Tusai’s work goes beyond just providing a roof over these children’s heads. She is dedicated to ensuring they have a chance at a better future, investing in their education and overall well-being. Her mission is a clear demonstration of how one person’s passion and determination can create a significant impact in the world.

Tusai Weyana, through her actions, embodies the spirit of resilience and selflessness. Her dedication to providing a nurturing environment for children who have been abandoned and young mothers is nothing short of inspiring. She indeed stands as a beacon of hope, not just for the children she cares for but also for everyone her story reaches.

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