Africa To The World

Introducing Africa to the World

As I briefly mentioned in my Welcome post, I am currently working on the Africa to the World Project.

This is project broadcasting on all Wode Maya Social Media Channels. It brings to viewers in Africa, the African diaspora and people who have an interest in Africa, insights on the Africa they don’t usually see or hear about on mainstream media. While narratives over the past few decades have painted a wide range of views of Africa, from poverty stricken, to a continent mostly filled with terrorism, forced migration, and a catalyst for several diseases, it is not unusual for Africans to see an average African defying these western narratives. The honest truth is, though I cannot deny the existence of some of these issues in Africa, Africa is much more than these descriptions and it is short-sighted to ignore Africa’s successes & progress.

My overall goal for the Africa to the World Series is mainly to change perception and project Africa in a positive light, changing narratives about Africa, doing it one country at a time, with the hope to inspire people to travel in/to Africa, invest in Africa and call Africa a place to be.

Africa, My Africa

Recently, I was asked to provide a list of African Countries I had travelled to, & while compiling, it actually dawned me that little old me, Wode Maya has actually been opportune to visit 20 African Countries. Wow! To be candid, I have actually been to a little over 20 African Countries because some of the neighbouring countries are borderless and there was free entry & exit but for the purpose of the Africa to the World Series, let’s cap it at 20 Countries, so far. I usually get asked to list these Countries and in no specific order; Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, Togo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, South Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Namibia.

In the course of my travels, I cannot deny that though there are oftentimes, a few hiccups as you may have seen on my YouTube, for the most part, the people in these countries have been extremely welcoming. I mean, aside my stomach sometimes finding it a bit difficult to adjust to the food, most of these countries feels just like home.

My team & I typically arrange visits to the capital first and from there, we figure out means of connecting to other parts of the country. Sometimes, we intend to stay for 1 week and end up staying for almost 4 weeks… Can you imagine?

If you have been following my YouTube series, I am certain that by now, you already know that Africa flourishes with not just amazing people but incredible culture from the incredible Himba tribe of Namibia, the remarkable Mundari tribe of South Sudan to the most energetic dance ever in Eswatini Kingdom

Experience the continent’s many wonders with me on my next trips to Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Zimbabwe and more.

Africa- there’s no place quite like it.


  1. You are really very amazing to Africa. Keep the struggle, we are praying for you. Never give up, despite the challenges.

  2. Hello brother I watch you all the time on Youtube,when is the next Maya Experiece tour in Africa.I think I’d like to go to Accura Ghana first, maybe Souh Africa next then Naroibi Kenya,on and on.Ive been tod my great great grandfather was a slave baby.He came to the United States as a baby slave.Let me know when.Thank you and be blessed

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